Our Light World

We produce and market energy saver bulbs, LED and fancy lights that stand test of time.

Our Farm Products

We produce and market all sorts of farm products ranging from vegetables, fruits, seeds,ceareals and root foods

Our Real Estate

We build, rent and sale houses and lands according to our customers' budgets. From low to high.

PK Vegetable Oil

We produce and sale palm kernel, palm kernel oil, palm kernel shell and chaffs according to customer's demand.

Our Light Products

EKF has classic light designs that meet the standard quality for international use.

Our Farm Products

We love to tell our successful far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

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Latest information from EFK Group of Companies.

Customer Testimonials

We care so much about what our customers say about us.
Our reputation is our prestige.

Brian Doe Satisfied Customer

I used EKF energy and led bulbs in my buildings. The bulbs are awesome and stay for a long time. Kudos to all the members of EKF Groups.

Nathalie Miller Satisfied Distributor

I am a distributor of EKF energy bulbs. All my customers like the bulb and always ask for more. Good work EKF Group. Keep it up.

Shara Jones Satisfied Distributor

I am a distributor of EKF farm products. All my customers are satisfied with the products they purchase from me.

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